Monday, March 4, 2013

Deadpool Director Tim Miller Will Conquer Space Action With Artemis

Every once in a while, when things feel like they're getting too crowded down here on Earth, it seems like there's no possible way anyone could fit yet another action thriller set on this planet. As filmmakers involved with certain children's and horror film sequels can tell you, sometimes you just have to send it into outer space.

And that’s about all the plot information given about the upcoming film Artemis, which Variety reports has been picked up by 20th Century Fox’s John Davis, who brought the studio Chronicle and all the Predator films. Artemis, which is only described as “a contained action thriller set in outer space,” will be directed by visual effects artist Tim Miller, based off of a screenplay to be written by newcomer Andrew Lobel. This is the second sci-fi film that Miller has set up recently, having been attached to the upcoming Joe Haldeman novella adaptation Seasons that he was announced late last year.

Depending on the kind of aesthetic and action Lobel’s script will entail, this could be a good match-up for Miller, who is still waiting to direct his first feature. He and his company Blur Studio have had a steady career working on a variety of effects-heavy films such as X-Men, X2, Night at the Museum and 2010’s The Wolfman, while also contributing to the opening credits of David Fincher’s The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo. He worked on Gigli, too, but it won’t be held against him. Should the long-gestating Deadpool film from Marvel ever materialize, he’s also still attached to be a part of that.

Screenwriter Lobel worked on the recent Conan adaptation, and is set to pen the upcoming adaptation of the young adult series Tunnels for director Mikael Hafstrom.

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